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Developing a Digital Strategy (DIGITAL STRATEGY)

In the digital age, our brand-specific digital strategy development service has become one of the determining factors of the success of businesses' online presence. However, without the right strategy, achieving success on digital platforms can be difficult.

Digital strategy is key to shaping and growing your business's online presence. The right strategy paves the way for engaging your target audience, increasing your brand awareness, and optimizing your conversion rates. At Sirius, we offer customized digital strategies to maximize the digital potential of your business.

What Do Our Services Cover?

  • Goal Setting and Analysis: We start by determining the goals of your business and conducting current situation analysis and market research.

  • Strategy Development and Planning: We develop customized digital strategies that suit the needs and goals of your business and create a feasible action plan.

  • Channel Strategies: We determine strategies for website management, social media management, email marketing, SEO and other digital channels.

  • Content Marketing Strategies: We determine strategies for content creation, distribution and management.

  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization: We regularly monitor performance, analyze data and optimize strategies to achieve set goals.

What is digital strategy and why is it important?

Digital strategy is the road map that a business or organization plans to achieve certain goals using digital channels. Digital strategy is important to increase brand awareness, reach the target audience, strengthen customer relationships and achieve business goals.

How to create a digital strategy?

When creating a digital strategy, the company's goals and target audience are first determined. Then, the current situation is analyzed, goals are determined, target audience analysis is made, channels and tactics are selected, a plan is created and implemented.

What elements are part of the digital strategy?

Elements of digital strategy include goals, target audience, competitive analysis, channel selection, content strategy, marketing automation, measurement and analysis.

How to implement and manage digital strategy?

When implementing a digital strategy, the determined plan should be adhered to and performance should be constantly monitored and evaluated. When managing digital marketing channels, content should be published, interactions should be responded to and advertising campaigns should be managed.

How to measure digital strategy success?

Digital strategy success is often measured by the rate at which set goals are achieved. Website traffic, conversions, social media engagement, email marketing performance and other metrics are tracked using measurement tools.

What are the digital strategy development costs?

Digital strategy development costs vary depending on the needs of the business, the experience of the chosen strategy consultant and the size of the business. Some consultants charge hourly, while others may charge on a per-project basis.

Why should the digital strategy be constantly updated?

Since the digital landscape is changing rapidly, the digital strategy must also be constantly updated. New trends, technological developments and changes in marketing channels may require updating the strategy.

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