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Social Media Management

There are tasks such as creating content, creating a sharing calendar, account management on platforms, providing interaction and customer support, analysis and reporting. Generally, it is to increase the brand's online presence, engage with the target audience and increase brand awareness. In this process, it is important to follow trends, understand the target audience and constantly update strategies.

We convert your posts to your target audience and optimize them with the ads that we test on many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter) and that give the best performance for you.

What Do Our Services Cover?

  • Social Media Management: Managing customers' social media accounts, creating and sharing content and keeping the accounts updated.

  • Strategy Development: Determining appropriate social media strategies and campaigns by analyzing the target audience of customers.

  • Content Production: Visual, text and video-photo etc. designing and creating content.

  • Target Audience Analysis: Determining the target audience of customers and creating strategies according to their interests and behaviors.

  • Advertising Management: Creating, publishing and monitoring social media ads.

  • Community Management (Moderation): Responding to comments on customers' social media accounts (if requested), increasing community interaction and protecting brand reputation.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Monitoring social media performance, analyzing data and providing regular reports to customers.

  • Crisis Management: Protecting the social media reputation of customers in times of negative situations or crises.

  • Training and Consultancy: Providing training and consultancy to clients on social media strategies, content creation and cross-platform interaction.

  • Influencer Marketing: Establishing collaborations with appropriate influencers for customers and managing the campaigns created/to be created.

What is social media management and why is it important?

Social media management is the process of managing a business or brand's presence and engagement on social media platforms. Social media management is important to increase brand awareness, reach the target audience, improve customer relations, increase sales and manage brand reputation.

Which social media platforms are important for businesses?

Important social media platforms for businesses include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok. Which platforms are most suitable depends on the business's target audience and marketing goals.

How to manage social media?

Social media management generally includes content planning, content creation, publishing, interaction management, analysis and reporting steps. Content strategy is determined, posts are prepared, published, and then interactions and feedback are tracked.

What are the best practices for social media management?

Best practices for social media management include consistency, engagement, creating original content, understanding the audience, scheduling, regular analysis and reporting, customer relationship management, and crisis management.

How to manage social media ads?

Social media ads are generally managed using each platform's own ad management tools. An advertising campaign is created, the target audience is determined, the budget is set and the ad is sent. The ad's performance is then monitored and optimized.

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